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Siding Painting University Park, TX

Dallas Christian Painters Offers Top-Notch Professional Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Painting Services

The appearance of aluminum or vinyl siding becomes worn and faded over time. For homeowners hoping to refresh the exterior of their house or merely try out a new hue, Dallas Christian Painters offers outstanding professional aluminum and vinyl siding painting at an affordable price.

Why Should You Hire a Professional to Paint Your Siding?

Painting your home’s siding as a DIY project is exceedingly difficult. Thus, most homeowners consider hiring professional vinyl and aluminum siding painters with years of experience to tackle this major home renovation project. The key reasons include:

  • The incorrect style of paint: Most vinyl siding painting companies (including Dallas Christian Painters) use specialized paint to paint siding and shutters. If you’re inexperienced, using the incorrect type of paint might result in lousy adherence, warping, flaking, and a host of other unwanted issues.
  • Lack of expensive professional equipment: If a DIYer doesn’t have the correct sprayers and the ladders to get to the more challenging parts of the home, it won’t be easy to get the look they want, if not impossible. One alternative could be to rent the equipment, but a steep learning curve might negatively impact the project.
  • Selecting the wrong color: There are some limitations in determining color and reflection indices. For example, if you paint your vinyl siding too dark, it might lead to warping because the paint absorbs the sun’s heat in the summer. A professional will discuss these issues and how to avoid them — and help you choose the perfect color for your residence.

Benefits of Painting Vinyl and Aluminum Siding

Homeowners dissatisfied with their home’s siding appearance might feel that their only option is to replace the siding, but thankfully, this is not the case. Here are two main benefits of hiring Dallas Christian Painters’ professional aluminum and vinyl siding painters instead of replacing the siding or, worse, doing nothing at all:

  1. It’s Affordable: It costs significantly less than replacing siding when you choose to have your siding painted.
  2. Reimagine Your Home: Painting is a simple way to transform the look of your home. A professional house painter can revive the home’s look by changing the intensity, shade, or whole color scheme.

Average Cost for Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Painting

Since every project is different, the price quote for painting will depend on several factors, including the home’s location, size, the type of paint chosen, etc. Contact Dallas Christian Painters for a free estimate from one of your area’s top vinyl and aluminum siding painting companies.

Our Unique Vinyl Siding Painting Services

Homeowners value vinyl siding since it’s inexpensive and doesn’t demand much upkeep as with wood siding. However, vinyl siding can fade over time, or homeowners may update the color. So, when the time comes to paint your home’s vinyl siding, you can rely on Dallas Christian Painters to deliver expert quality. 

Despite the process of painting vinyl not requiring nearly as much prep work as when painting wood siding, there’s still a necessary step to guarantee a durable finish. Because your satisfaction is our highest priority, we carefully examine the area to be painted to confirm the wood underlayment is in acceptable condition. We can also replace any splintered or bent vinyl siding planks. Since vinyl siding can generate algae buildup, we also offer cleaning the siding to clear away the algae, dirt, and debris that might thwart proper paint adhesion.

Another essential factor to consider when painting vinyl siding is using the correct paint. We use only the highest-quality vinyl-safe paint specially formulated to expand and contract with the siding, which is not a feature of the more conventional water or oil-based paint varieties.

With Dallas Christian Painters, customer service is a priority. For that reason, our experts continually keep you updated on all progress and will take the necessary measures to keep each project on time and on budget while keeping an organized and tidy work area. 

Whether you want to revitalize your dull vinyl siding or are curious about changing the color, we’re ready to help. So, give us a call or text at (214) 730-6939 to schedule your free estimate. 

Exterior Painting University Park
Exterior Painter University Park, TX