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Exterior Painter

Exterior Painter in Dallas

Honest & Ethical Exterior House Painting in North Dallas

🌬 Is it time to breathe new life into your home’s exterior? If so, be prepared to fall in love ❤️ once again by completely refreshing its stale appearance with a brand-new coat of paint. When it comes to an important job such as rejuvenating your home’s curb appeal , you need a trusted team of HomeAdvisor Qualified Professional Painting Experts to come through every time. And that’s where Dallas Christian Painters comes in. 

When it comes to sprucing up deteriorating home exteriors, Dallas Christian Painters rely on the highest quality materials and professional tools to complete the task, ensuring a quality finish time and time again. Our reputation for excellence is one that residents have quickly come to trust, as our team of home exterior specialists is equipped to tackle any task and eliminate any imperfections with ease.

Exterior Painting University Park, TX

Of all the local painting companies, Dallas Christian Painters cover all angles. Our work ethic is uniquely rooted in our faith, and our experts pay close attention to all the details when painting your home’s exterior using our distinctive proprietary method. We provide complete exterior painting, including painting vinyl siding. Our meticulousness and responsibility place us a step above every other painting company. When we pledge to provide excellent service, you can count on our professionals to consistently deliver the goods every time.

Here is a brief outline of our comprehensive process that is unique to Dallas Christian Painters:

  • Consultation
  • Protection
  • Carefully Prepare the surface before painting
  • Cautious Window Prep
  • Painting, done right
  • Final Quality Inspection
exterior painter Dallas

Other Services

House Painting University Park - Exterior Painter

House Painting University Park

Exterior home painting is the most efficient and impressive way to enhance the curb appeal of your most significant investment. With Dallas Christian Painters, it has never been easier to give your home a total makeover without headaches, worries, or undue stress.

Garage & Shed Painting Dallas - Exterior Painter

Garage & Shed Painting University Park

The essential aspect of painting a shed is prepping the surface by removing every stitch of old paint and thoroughly cleaning the area. The good news is the pros at Dallas Christian Painters can handle all of these tasks and ensure a long-lasting and durable finish.

Power Washing University Park - Exterior Painter

Power Washing University Park

Dallas Christian Painters will help you uncover your home’s beauty and instantly boost your curb appeal with our proprietary pressure washing blend. Many homeowners are left stunned by the dramatic before and after results of this service, as they typically don’t understand just how much dirt, mildew, and grime has built up season after season.

Fence Painting & Staining University Park

Fence Painting & Staining University Park

Fence painting and fence staining are about much more than stunning curb appeal—they’re about protecting your house’s exterior portions from rain damage and rotting for many years to come. Dallas Christian Painters adhere to a proven method that ensures your fence is adequately protected during our services.

exterior painter Virginia Beach, VA

Deck Painting & Staining University Park

A simple water test is the most uncomplicated way to confirm that the wood can absorb a new sealer or finish. All you need to do is squirt water on the deck. If it absorbs instantly, it’s time to seal the deck to prevent further damage or wood rot. However, if the water beads up or remains on the deck, it may not need to be sealed just yet.

Siding Painting University Park

Siding Painting University Park

Dallas Christian Painters Offers Top-Notch Professional Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Painting Services

The appearance of aluminum or vinyl siding becomes worn and faded over time. For homeowners hoping to refresh the exterior of their house or merely try out a new hue, Dallas Christian Painters offers outstanding professional aluminum and vinyl siding painting at an affordable price.


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